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Day 686: “No Confidence” Protest Against Eddie Jordan

A few dozen people stood outside the Cabildo in the rain this morning, bearing signs that said “Jordan Resign Now,” “Eddie Out!” and others. I called Karen at 6:45 to check on the gathering and she said, “We’re a little damp, but doing good.” The Quarter was dark, wet and eerily quiet when I arrived on the scene at 7, too quiet for a John Edwards being interviewed by Good Morning, America inside the Cabildo. Really, the only signs of any such activity were the large satellite dishes on Jackson Square and a multitude of semi-trucks parked along the Cabildo on St. Peter. On arriving, I saw the protest crowd disperse, called Karen to say “Hi and bye!” and then ran into damp Schroeder and damp rcs on Royal St. (you’ve gotta love these gung-ho guys).

A number of citizens demanding the resignation of D.A. Eddie Jordan were interviewed by the various media outlets. Here is what I’ve heard of so far:

– Bart Everson was interviewed by Fox8 News (TV) a little before 7AM and offered a vote of “no confidence in the DA.” [Story on the Fox8 99.5 FM website – still looking for video footage]

– Karen Gadbois was interviewed by 99.5 FM at 9:15AM. “It’s up to us as citizens to maintain vigilance as to what our elected officials do.” [Please send in an audio file or transcript if you come across one.] Update: Karen will also be was on the Garland Robinette show today at 1:30PM “We feel that we don’t have any backup as citizens … is there a two-tiered justice system?”

Ringside Politics With A Punch‘s Jeff Crouere (WGSO 990AM) interviewed me this morning at 7:30AM. [Again, please send in an audio file or transcript, just so we know what the hell I said on not enough coffee.]

– ABC 26 came to Karen’s house yesterday while we were making signs. When Cyndi Nguyen knocked on the front door, all I could do was stare at it and say, “Uh, Karen, there’s someone with really nice hair at your door.” Kim Carver gave a strong interview, of which just the portions where he “appreciates” the mayor and city officials, except for Jordan, made it on TV. *sigh* [Video]

Please point us to more transcripts and testimonials from the protest. And, remember, Eddie Jordan has got to go! Only continued citizen participation and pressure can make it happen.

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