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Day 681: DA Jordan Blows It Again (Updated)

… and hopefully for the last time.

Missing witness in Central City murder case found

Police officials produced the witness, a female that remains unidentified, at a 2:30 news conference. New Orleans District Attorney Eddie Jordan on Tuesday dropped murder charges against Michael Anderson, 20, saying prosecutors couldn’t find the witness.

A part of the mayor’s statement reads:

This pattern from the District Attorney’s Office is unacceptable and must improve immediately or I will ask the Attorney General to conduct a full investigation into this office … I applaud Chief Riley and the officers of NOPD for their tireless and expeditious work in bringing this witness forth.

Don’t let the Mayor and DA get the slip on this one. If you live in New Orleans, contact all crucial city officials telling them that DA Eddie Jordan’s absolute scorn for responsible prosecution is unacceptable. He has let the two most wanted murderers in New Orleans walk due to an unwillingness to cooperate with other law enforcement agencies. How long will and can New Orleans take this? Until we lose another Dinerral Shavers or Helen Hill? By then, it will be too late. Eddie Jordan has got to go!

Mayor Ray Nagin: 504-658-4900 rnagin@mayorofno.com
DA Eddie Jordan: 504-822-2414 ejordan@cityofno.com
Police Superintendent Warren Riley: 504-658-5757 wriley@cityofno.com

City Council

* Member At-Large Oliver Thomas: 504-658-1070 omthomas@cityofno.com
* Member At-Large Arnie Fielkow: 504-658-1060 afielkow@cityofno.com
* Member District A Shelley Midura: 504-658-1010 smidura@cityofno.com
* Member District B Stacy Head: 504-658-1020 shead@cityofno.com
* Member District C James Carter: 504-658-1030 jcarter@cityofno.com
* Member District D Cynthia Hedge-Morrell: 504-658-1040 chmorrell@cityofno.com
* Member District E Cynthia Willard-Lewis: 504-658-1050 cwlewis@cityofno.com

La. Attorney General Charles Foti

* AdminInfo@ag.state.la.us – 225-326-6705
* CriminalInfo@ag.state.la.us – 225-326-6200
* PublicProtectionInfo@ag.state.la.us – 225-326-6438


* Brendan McCarthy, Times Picayune bmccarthy@timespicayune.com
* Lee Zurik, WWL TV lzurik@wwltv.com
* WDSU News Channel 6
* Gambit Weekly – response@gambitweekly.com – 504-486-5900

updated with more legislative and press contact information as I find it

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  • Karen July 11, 2007, 3:37 PM



    Also use the power of the CC..include media in the e mail..

    Flood the inboxes

  • Clay July 11, 2007, 8:22 PM

    Here’s the letter I sent in:


    I put “The Disaster that is the DA’s Office” in the header.

  • chazbe July 12, 2007, 9:53 PM

    There aren’t words enough in the language to describe what an abomination the man is. But who actually has the power to remove him? Not the City Council–they give him very little money. The state legislature–but who thinks they’d do it, especially in a special session? Recall? Fat chance. Shouting mobs in the street? The hat will just blow smoke from his cigar. Does anybody have any other ideas short of hiring hitmen?

  • Clay July 13, 2007, 11:27 AM

    Hey, I think Ms. Head’s number is a fax number…

  • Maitri July 13, 2007, 11:56 AM

    Thanks, Clay. 1025 is her fax number, 1020 is the actual line.

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