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Day 1049: Crackdown

On the exposure of elastic, boxers and briefs and, as my niece puts it, “the crack of daaaawn.”

Apparently, NOPD is not the only outfit that creates inane crimes and exorbitant punishment to go with them.  When there is much else to be fought in the nation’s third most violent city, the Flint, MI police department spends vital time and resources on visual aids such as this one (via Reason):

Feel free to wander the streets if you put a cap in someone else’s crack, but by no means will you show your own.

This is nothing new to us Louisianans.  When the reputation of the state is constantly at stake and federal corruption charges against him were in the balance, Louisiana State Senator Derrick Shepherd shepherded a bill through state legislature that would criminalize saggy pants.  Thankfully, this bill was recently put to rest but not before taxpayer money was used to debate it.

Law enforcement does not understand that baggy/saggy pants often works to their advantage and gives us thirty- and forty-somethings a chance to laugh at Kids These Days.  Besides, shouldn’t this law be applied to plumbers and the exposure of their proverbial butts as well?

Update: Is the graphic above also Flint PD’s way of expressing their dislike of Blue Man Group?

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  • tamasha July 12, 2008, 6:03 PM

    Forgive me for sounding like a simpleton, but(t)… aren’t there more pressing matters for the NOPD?

  • Maitri July 14, 2008, 1:05 PM

    NOPD doesn’t have the manpower and resources to fight crime here, but aren’t given recovery money and the proper people in leadership positions to fix this growing problem. This results in them being forced to do something, anything which emits an aura of Proactive Crimefighting.

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