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Day 1050: Is It November Yet?

This pre-presidential-election season had better be over soon, so I don’t have to endure conversations with party line voters who think their indelible political opinion is superior to others, while not realizing that it doesn’t matter what we think, politics is set up for and attracts wheeling and dealing scumbags who will sell us down the river in a heartbeat and are laughing all the way to power and the bank.

For the record, I am a great admirer of the United States constitution (even and especially the second and ninth amendments) who believes in small government, efficient spending and privacy rights. The Libertarian party entices me back every single day, but I have come to believe in the power of community and a collectivist vision, Bob Barr is a freak whom I will not help put in office and libertarians lose me when they deny climate change and revere Ayn Rand as a god to the point of quoting her out of context. As an owner of all of Rand’s books and all books on Rand’s books, let me assure you that she was a great and inspiring writer but a writer just the same. (Here’s a hint: Don’t look for John Galt. Be John Galt.)

Our choices vex me. Today’s Americans fight tooth and nail over their political beliefs when they voted for Bush, Kerry, Gore, Browne and Nader and, soon, are going to choose among McCain, Obama, Barr and Nader. Ugh. Wouldn’t all of this passionate speechifying at lunches, parties and other gatherings mean something if our candidate of choice actually stood for our beliefs?

Another disheartening observation is those who lean towards political conservatism with each successive pay raise. The desire not to have income taxed more is understandable, but the accompanying disdain towards those who make less is unpardonable. Wanting government favoritism for making more money, when one can take care of oneself more so than those with little, and considering those who make less as non-contributors is incredibly foolish. As is the assumption that the current conservative faction of government will help one keep that money. They came to rip us off.

November, come soon. Wash our delusions away. Help us embrace the mediocrity.

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  • mominem July 13, 2008, 12:35 AM

    Another small l libertarian. Welcome to to the desolate middle where no one who wears the tattoo of a D or an R is excluded.

  • Blair Tyson July 13, 2008, 12:54 PM


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