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Day 948: Books, Madison And Friends

Three of my favorite things all rolled into one news item.

UW-Madison News: New book explores Daily Cardinal’s legacy

It is the stories of the students, the fights and the successes of the Cardinal that lent [Allison Hantschel] subject material for her new book “It Doesn’t End With Us,” about the legacy of the Daily Cardinal at UW-Madison.

“The Cardinal legacy is really two-fold. It lies in the journalism, like the ground-breaking stories,” Hantschel says. “It also lies in the journalists. The Cardinal is an educational system. The work never really stops; it ripples out from the Cardinal and affects ordinary people.”

“It Doesn’t End With Us” gives readers not just a glimpse into the inner workings of one of the nation’s oldest daily student papers, but a detailed description of the past 115 years of struggle by students to keep UW-Madison’s Daily Cardinal afloat as an independent entity.

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