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Day 682: Back At City Hall

Eye on the prize – Eddie Jordan’s got to go! Varg‘s keeping tabs on who’s asked for Jordan’s resignation. Yeah, where is the public statement from my councilwoman, given that the Central City murders happened in her district? On the other hand, kudos to Shelley Midura! If you haven’t emailed, written or called city government and press yet, all of the required information is in my last post on this topic.

The response I got back from the mayor (or from whomever operates his Blackberry) this evening is as follows. It should answer chazbe’s question of who has the power to remove DA Eddie Jordan.

As you may know by now I met with Attorney General Foti today. He agreed as well as the city council that an independent review of the DAs office by Mr. Foti should commence asap. This review will focus on homicides and related violent crimes.

FYI, the District Attorney is an independently elected public official who reports directly to the people and not to the Mayor. There are only two ways to remove a DA according to our State Constitution. Either the person can be recalled via voter action or the Attorney General can remove him for “cause”.

In closing, if you check the record everything single initiative I said we would do to make our city safer we have done or are in the process of completing. By calling for an independent review. I am working overtime to ensure that every aspect of the criminal justice system is being held accountable.

Our recovery has been tough but it is moving forward with a growing population and a stronger economy. Don’t give up! We will fix this probelm and get the DAs office turned around one way or the other.

C. Ray Nagin – Mayor

A few others have received some variation of the above note; apparently, Nagin’s office is ready for the communication barrage. Or something. I haven’t heard back from the others. Regardless, press on. The message being sent out to dangerous criminals in this city — that you can kill here and get way with it — is beyond vile, and we have to do whatever it takes to get this negligent prosecutor and his cohorts out of office.

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  • Varg July 12, 2007, 11:26 PM

    I got the same letter back. Mine said “Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Device.” Sugar Ray is wired!

  • Schroeder July 14, 2007, 10:02 AM

    Same Nagin response here.

    Maybe if we judiciously “targeted” certain public officials (as Nagin has jested we frustrated citizens should do), we could eliminate the problem. As long as drug users are witnesses, we should be able to get away with it. Or, any witnesses could just publish their phone numbers in the phone book, give them to the NOPD, and sit around waiting for the call from a prosecutor that will never come.

    My tourette’s kicked in as well. I just find myself swearing randomly and uncontrollably. Sheesh, what the hell is happening here? I’ll take a flood to the disaster in City Hall any day.

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