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Day 683: Friday The 13th In District B

A channel of communication has opened between Clay and Stacy Head’s office – go check out the emails and participate in his poll.  He managed to get out of District B what I cannot because of the sudden onset of Tourette’s when going over my yearly Dealing With Politicians quota.  While Ms. Head does not call for Eddie Jordan’s resignation, she is not pro-Jordan, either.

Instead, along with several of my colleagues, I am asking the Supreme Court to exercise its legal power and appoint a special prosecutor to immediately step into the D.A.s office and make needed changes therein. Such changes will have immediate impact such as assuring that experienced prosecutors are assigned to murder cases instead of inexperienced attorneys like Ms. Webb, who handled the Anderson case.

The argument of Fielkow, Hedge Morrell and Head is as follows: if Jordan is kicked out, who will take his place? Is City Council telling us that Jordan is better than temporarily having no District Attorney, while a search is conducted for his replacement?  What is a special prosecutor going to achieve other than shuffling and reshuffling the same deck of cards?   Lastly, why are we paying for two people to help one man do his job?

Let’s do the math.  We have Fielkow, Hedge Morell and Head in favor of a special prosecutor to “help” Eddie Jordan.  Midura wants him out, like the rest of us.  Have we heard from Willard Lewis, Carter and OT yet?  I hope the in-fighting at City Hall over this doesn’t become more important than the ouster / permanent schooling of Eddie Jordan.  Friday the 13th is usually a good day for me, but I’m not feeling a positive vibe out of any of the occurrences of the last 72 hours.

Additionally, as I said at Clay’s, it is still completely unacceptable that Stacy Head has no public stance on this case within her district, and that what her office wrote Clay is not out there for her entire jurisdiction to see. Why isn’t this on her website?  Where is the citywide press statement? Central City is in her district; this is the time to demonstrate responsiveness and support.

The communications list is constantly updated, so keep checking back.

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  • GentillyGirl July 13, 2007, 4:28 PM

    This is all about the “Black majority” not wanting to share power.

    We have seen what the Black majority has “provided”.

    Our city needs a balanced government that represents ALL of us who live here. A government that is of the people, by the people and for the people.

    This is the New New Orleans, and the Past is just that, the past. It’s time to create the Shining City Upon a Hill… to show what can be when we all join together in living.

    For all the evils of the Federal Flood, this is the silver lining.

    We all just step up to the plate.

  • Maitri July 13, 2007, 5:33 PM

    Honey, no one wants to share power in this town once they get it, white or black. Connick did no better. It isn’t the color war that ought to be combated, it’s the provincial I Got Mine mentality.

    Despite Louisiana’s storied past of corruption, incompetence and sex scandals, we are in a post-Flood world in which all eyes are on us and determine our worth as a viable city. Even if Connick, Morial, X, Y and Z f-ed up before, we cannot afford to do it now.

  • ashley July 13, 2007, 9:20 PM

    Head is an attorney. She’s acting like one.

  • rcs July 14, 2007, 12:01 AM

    Why all the hullabaloo over Council member positions? They have absolutely NO authority over Jordan’s position, as he is a publicly-elected official. Pressuring them is a waste of time and resources.

  • Carmen July 14, 2007, 1:49 AM

    rcs, the City Council is supposed to represent the citizens of the City. Pressuring them is not a waste of time or resources simply because they are already taking a public stance every time they “host” a crime council meeting, or give voice to record. If they are going to be making public statements on our behalf, they ought reflect OUR views and not their own.

    Garland made a statement on his radio show today, something like: ‘the powerbrokers of this city are telling us nothing can be changed’. If Ms. Head wants to hang with lawyers, then she needs to step down from being a REPRESENTATIVE of citizens. The bad lawyers are protecting their industry with excuses and with insults against the public. It was the same argument with the levee boards: you can’t change it because the LAW SAYS it’s this way of old. Well, we all know how people in power have corrupted what is law. The law needs to change, and that is done with citizens making a “hullabaloo”. EVERYwhere.

  • Maitri July 14, 2007, 12:37 PM

    rcs, in a city government as small as this one, shunning/censure goes a LONG way.

  • Dambala July 14, 2007, 5:12 PM


    – Pressuring them is a waste of time and resources.

    that’s ridiculous…elected official or not, if our city council and mayor joined and called for Jordan’s resignation he would most likely step down. The Attorney General can take him out as well…and most likely would if everyone was calling for his head.

  • rcs July 15, 2007, 3:10 PM

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot over the weekend, and I retract my original statement. I also apologize for the intemperate wording of the post.

    Obviously we deserve a voice and our elected officials owe it to us to clearly state their positions or what they are doing to clarify/investigate the issues. The Council seems to be the body most responsive to citizen input these days so it only makes sense to employ it against the non-responsive bodies (i.e., the Mayor, the DA, the AG, etc etc etc.) While I’m not decided on whether the DA needs to resign or if there’s some intermediate way to fix the problem, it’s obvious that SOMETHING must be done and it’s not the fault of the citizenry that extreme measures are being called for. The political class has brought this upon themselves.

    I think the frustration that drove my original comment is the blatant unaccountability we’re seeing at ALL levels of government – Scooter Libby, David Vitter, Jordan – just ignore the problem, pay lip service (or diaper service, in Vitter’s case) to atonement and it’s back to business as usual. The public outcry is GOOD – but I’m not hopeful in this day and age for a positive and effective response from those who dropped the ball in the first place.

    It never should have come to this, damn it.

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