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Day 466: Our Republic Is In Serious Danger

Where blogging, Saturday’s LA-02 election and the message of Left Behind meet: 

Thomas Jefferson once said, “The nation that expects to be ignorant and free expects what never can and never will be,” and that is the terrible bind we are in today. We are not intelligent enough; we’re not educated well enough to perform the necessary act of intelligently selecting our leaders for the future. We’ve got to improve that situation and it’s going to be, to a large degree, up to us in television and radio, in broadcasting to get that job done. And this is going to require that indeed, we journalists put the pressure on, if that is possible, to our employers, those who are more concerned with profits than they are with performance, and we should be doing our best to educate them so that they will hopefully understand the need to educate our population.  If we fail at that, our democracy, our republic is, I think, in serious danger.”  — Walter Cronkite

With an undereducated population held hostage by contrived turf battles and divisive demagoguery, it is not shocking that our choices come down to William Jefferson and Karen Carter.  I will vote, but don’t believe in either of them, and that is a royal shame.

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