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In Which Stephen Colbert Points At My Big, Scary Head

CBS News | Oil refineries seek huge tax refunds

Some of the nation’s largest oil refineries are seeking huge tax refunds that could force school districts and local governments across Texas to give back tens of millions of dollars they were counting on to pay teachers and provide other services. The refineries want the tax breaks in exchange for buying pollution-controlling equipment. But the cost to public schools would be dear, coming only months after lawmakers slashed education spending by more than $4 billion.

… Refinery towns would be hurt the most. “The dollars that are lost by these school districts directly affect the children of the employees that help make these companies what they are,” said David Hodgins, consultant and attorney for the Texas Association of School Administrators.

This is only one of the reasons folks like Melinda Gates and Stephen Colbert have to team up to raise money for teachers across America. Because the government-“free market” complex sure isn’t going to feel obligated to. Who wants educated workers?

For every mugshot photograph uploaded to the Stephen & Melinda Gates Foundation website, the foundation will donate $5 up to $100,000 to DonorsChoose.org. You will recall from a recent donation drive on this blog that DonorsChoose is the website that helps teachers and classrooms in hard-hit communities, not schools, buy the most basic things like textbooks, school supplies and teaching kits. It’s small, it’s silly, it’s $5 more than the government is willing to kick in and, most critically, it’s not your money. So what are you waiting for?

Besides, if you don’t put your face up there (and if you thought I look bizarre), you’re also stuck with D.

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