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Neil Gaiman is a renowned British author. He is also an American creator, who writes great books, sells them, makes money, and most importantly, knows exactly what his time is worth. So, clutching our political aprons over Gaiman’s $45,000 fee to address a group of people at a Minnesota public library, while saying “Tally ho, carry on” when, as one of many examples, Texas offers massive tax breaks to yacht purchasers, means we have lost as American capitalists.

This shows we don’t understand what our time is worth as individuals. It also reflects an inexcusable lack of sophistication and imagination.

And don’t ask me who Neil Gaiman is. I will have to tell you to go read a book. Like Neverwhere, which is by far better than American Gods.


Meanwhile, people who live along the Mississippi downstream of the state of Missouri are freaked out by the river, but more so by the return of the Army Corps of Engineers.

“Nature needs space, or it will take it anyway at a great price,” as New Orleans environmental lawyer Oliver Houck wrote today.

True, civilization may exist by nature’s consent, etc. but the aftermath is survived despite the government and insurance companies.

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