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Les Squeals De Noël

Just look at them. My godsons:

1) are the squishiest little booger monsters ever,
2) rock the Ramones hats we got them (that I hope they hang onto long enough to grow into),
3) are in the will for at least $50 for being fans of the “Green Packers” (makes me shed tears of godmotherly pride right there) and coming along smashingly as yutes of Wisconsin origin, and
4) can now speak in whole sentences. For example: “Dammit, Wilman. Now mama has to spank yo ass.” (I’m just verklempt with pride, y’all, talk amongst yourselves).

The one we’re going to have to watch out for, however, is little miss K2.

Don’t underestimate us stragglers, for we will run you over when you’re not looking.

Forget the 1000 megawatt Cheeeeeeese. See those fingers? Move over eTrade Baby, there’s a new nuk in town. And this one’s for real. Yes, K2 was actually operating the laptop – mouse pad, buttons, Enter key, power switch, moving the monitor towards and away as if calibrating the display for optimal viewing – and all. AT AGE 2.

This crusty heart swelled up three sizes that day. Kid’s going to be Aunty Maitri’s bookie accountant soon.

More pictures (from Wisconsin and the Packers-Giants game) as I upload them.

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