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Day 106 The Oil Hasn’t Vanished

The oil has not vanished.

I repeat: The oil has not vanished. The Gulf of Mexico’s summertime dead zone is twice as big as last year’s.

Think about it: How can 206 million gallons of crude vanish in 19 days? 205.8 million gallons of oil flowed into the Gulf of Mexico = 2.37 million gallons per day over 87 days. Reported average use of Corexit is 3,365 gallons per day over approximately 92 days (sometimes more, illegally, and scientists question its effectiveness beyond the surface). You do the math.

Update: Businessweek reports that 800,000 barrels (33.6 million gallons) of oil have been skimmed or burned by BP to date. That’s 16% of the total oil released into the Gulf. Keep going with the math.

Because someone keeps asking, here’s why static kill and bottom kill are both required.

Kenneth Feinberg is an insult. And so is every politician “working” for the Gulf Coast: Oil Disaster Boon to Gulf Politicians. Every last one: Menendez negotiating behind the scenes to come to a compromise on oil spill liability language.

But, let’s please continue fighting amongst ourselves.

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