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Day 1201: Vern Fonk Creeps Even Me Out

Dear Diary,

It’s late on Day 1 (for me) of the 2008 Xmas Video Hostilidays. Life is difficult in the trenches – the enemy is a wily one, and a nutria came for my last bite of fruitcake ration but I bravely fought it off with a plastic scabbard saved from Halloween – yet we keep our chins up and soldier on. This eve’s arsenal contains Vern Fonk, who reminds me of a Ferengi or that yellow guy from Sin City.

EDIT: Vern simply primed you for the real firepower. Presenting the live, sad-drunk-drag-queen version of Greg’s penultimate salvo. Victory is within reach. I can smell it.

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  • oyster December 10, 2008, 6:58 PM

    First of all, that Sin City comparison was exquisite.

    Secondly, sweet Prince of Peace, that second video was brutal. BRU-TAL.

    You have scattered and dis-emboldened my troops. Not sure how we can counter this one.

  • Adrastos December 11, 2008, 12:08 AM

    It’s gonna be a long and bloody war but you are doing well. If only I had smell-o-vision for the Korean kid. Imagine kimchi breath….

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