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Day 1109: Democrats, Don’t Back Down From Yourselves

Mark Folse wrote this partly in response to my previous post on the dismal conditions down in Louisiana’s coastal parishes after Hurricane Gustav.  He understands that America desperately needs a culture of acknowledgement and community, not apathy and isolation.  We are our brother’s keepers.

… People in the nation to the north frequently whine and complain when we ask for help after hurricanes, or for the funding to build our levees and restore our wetlands. Louisiana is the new poster child for government dependence in their play book, the new Cadillac-driving welfare queen. This is no more true than Reagan“s fable from the 1980s. What we seek is fair and full compensation for the price we have paid, for the burdens we carry to make the Mississippi navigable and to provide the nation with oil and gas. America is taking our lands and our lives and pays nothing. It is not a question of the people of the Hurricane Coast of Louisiana depending on you. The question is: how much longer can Louisiana afford to carry America on its back?

With the recently-rebalanced media already decreeing McCain the president before election day and Democrats suddenly despondent over the appearance of a Seeming Everyman Part 2 in the form of Caribou Barbie with a sketchy record, I want everyone to take a second, center yourselves and call bullshit as you see it, as Mark did above.  How much longer can a group of people afford to carry others on their backs and be chided or punished for it?  How much longer can this nation afford 4 or 8 more years of the poor decisions and economic depletion of much of the last decade?  How much longer can we afford to be in denial about nearing the bottom of the global barrel?  How much longer can you afford to let the media dictate your feelings about your nation’s future?  As Harry Truman said (thanks, Greg), “I wonder how many times you have to be hit on the head before you find out who“s hitting you?  It’s about time that the people of America realized what the Republicans have been doing to them.”

Enough of the “shock and awe” and wrist-slitting routine when we can just as easily balls up and keep the laser focus on the message.  Americans want to stop being screwed by The Party Of Small Government, which has been nothing but big and in your face since Reagan.  This is not the time to curl up like an armadillo because Republicans got more Republican candidates and are going to vote for Republicans anyway, or be frightened by a useless media which accuses candidates of unfairness.  Who cares about the damned media , what do you think?

If the Republicans play dirty, you don’t play dirty back but you also don’t concede and go home to eat a whole bag of Cheetos on the couch while watching Frasier reruns.  You stay the pre-Palin course, make yourself more visible and do not be afraid to push back the bullies with facts and firm logic.  For instance:

– There is no oil for conservatives if they don’t agree that the earth may be billions of years old and don’t cease and desist with this intelligent-design-in-science-classrooms crap.  After all, the gasoline that fuels the average vehicle comes from reservoirs that are anywhere between tens of thousands and tens of millions of years old.  Fossils, creatures that evolved, are utilized as horizon markers that tell us where to drill.  Without a geologic time scale that spans eons and eras, there is no geology and paleontology.  Without geology and paleontology, there is no reaching oil.  Without oil, there is nothing to put in the car.  We can’t have our gasoline and spew a 6000-year-old earth and disguised creationism, too.  God is a personal relationship for the heart, home and place of worship, not a public whipping boy for misuse and abuse in the halls of government and schools.

– Don’t let them label you as “arugula” and themselves as “beer.” That’s just horse hockey.  I love the tang of arugula in a salad and have been known to knock back several pints of beer (no light beer for me, thanks, a Wisconsin girl has got to have her standards) in one sitting.  My favorite movie is about deer camp and I love venison with a fine glass of merlot.  Furthermore, I think hunting deer every once in a while is more humane and less stressful on the environment than cattle farms.  I don’t even like lattes and I’m going to vote for Obama.  Aw, screw it, just tell them that if Karl Rove gets regular manicures, he’s about as Bubba as Coco Chanel.

– Ask them this: “You want small government?  Then stay out of my uterus.  If you want my baby so bad, why do you shrink when it comes to helping with this child’s proper housing, education and health care?”  While you’re at it, tell them not to deny homosexuals the right to live as normal, taxpaying citizens because of the sex of the people they love.  That ain’t small government.

– Tell them that real Americans don’t ban books in this nation’s libraries when we fight against religious and government oppression abroad.  Real Americans don’t promote Abstinence Only programs when our own children get pregnant out of wedlock.  Real Americans don’t call themselves pro-life and send other people’s children into needless wars.  Tell these community organizers, who aren’t mayors or elected officials, that they don’t have actual responsibilities.  Real Americans don’t do unto others what is hateful to themselves.   Finally, ask them where in the world they plan to find Osama Bin Laden.

Just tell them, stick to it and don’t back down.  Most importantly, tell yourselves, and don’t back down from you.  Don’t be your own worst enemy.  Snap out of the hypnosis and take your country back.

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  • liprap September 9, 2008, 5:53 PM

    Good rebuttal to the “stick it to the community organizers” shtick from the GOP:


    Dis the community organizers at EVERYBODY’S peril.

  • Holly September 16, 2008, 4:02 PM

    What a brilliant, brilliant post. You make me want to write more politically-oriented tidbits (something I’ve told myself not to do simply because the time involved in doing follow-up education with the emails and comments became too time consuming and occasionally divisive) — if only because I want to link to all the wonderfully pointed and spot-on thoughts you’ve written.

  • Marco September 16, 2008, 7:45 PM

    “Without oil there’s nothing to put in da’ car.”
    What about corn, methane, ethanol and all the other non-petro chemicals that can fuel cars? I know who you work for, but there are other fuels to get us to Whole Foods. There’s just no genuine interest because of corporate oil’s dominance. There are only gasoline filling stations.

  • Maitri September 16, 2008, 9:02 PM

    I wouldn’t be so opposed to crop-based fuel if it weren’t so agro-business-controlled to the point of taking food away from hungry mouths. Also, making a gallon of ethanol costs more than making a gallon of petroleum-based gasoline with similar environmental consequences. How about real renewables? How about nuclear, wind and solar to get us to the wine boutique?

  • Marco September 17, 2008, 7:08 AM

    Yes, I agree with you on that. Just trying to instigate discussion. You are in a much better position to gauge alternatives than I.

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