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Day 886: Will It Get Me Drinks And A Towel, Too?

Ahhh, teh intarwebs, how useful you are at unloading junk on the lazy and unsuspecting masses.  Look at what I just came across – The Perfect Hawaii Chair

… combines the ancient art of the Hula with patented 2,800 RPM Hula motor to create an easy-to-use waistline slimming and fat burning aerobic workout exercise machine that take the work out of your work.

After snorting in laughter over the sales video (see link above), I thought, “Sit in your chair, continue to type and click away at your desk and have a machine jiggle your cellulite around.  Hey, maybe I can pass this off as a health/ergonomics expense.”  On further introspection, I realized that the combination of patookus moving in a tight elliptical orbit and put-upon eyes would end up in seismic models and cross sections that look like this:

Seismic Cross Section On The Perfect Hawaii Chair

Oh well, back to One Thing At A Time.

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  • liprap January 30, 2008, 6:37 PM

    Hee! Apparently, the Wham-O! company that put out the original Hula Hoop only made ten thousand dollars off the whole craze.

    That chair also sounds like a really really bad idea for a birthing chair on a turntable somebody once had. Not only do you suffer horrific labor pains, you get dizzy as all hell in the process. Nice.

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