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Day 885: King Arthur Aftermath

D, Bob, a number of Fahy’s/C.R.A.P.S. buddies and I rode on the Southern Decadence float in the Krewe of King Arthur parade this Sunday.  Those who saw me, hope you caught your goodies from “Dame Edna” here.  Those who didn’t, await pictures.

Phil Fricano, Captain of King Arthur

The cold I caught soon after Krewe du Vieux has been waxing and waning over the course of the week.  If this weather would just stay put, I’d be a much healthier person and not sound like a tuberculosis patient.  Thursday evening calls for rain, which bums me out because I don’t want to be under a raincoat and umbrella for Muses, one of my favorite parades of the Carnival season.  On Friday afternoon, Kim and I will be Divas down in the French Quarter, with her new man and D as our Elvises.  The bustier is beaded (took me only a few hours) but the rest of the costume is undone.  I could use a miracle.

Just remembered a January 31st article deadline.  Make that two miracles.  To go.  Please.

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