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Greater New Orleans Inc. receives $100,000 grant

A proposed new “justice complex”

Blakely’s reference to Dos Lagos

I asked the same question a year back and got one answer in the form of an amusing graphic (although it needs to be updated with Blakely and other consultants) and another as a thoughtful essay. This time, I ask again, but with a bit more seriousness: Who/what are the current forms, dispositions and connections of all of these organizations, and why are they still giving money to each other and themselves? It’s important for us to keep track of who’s who and to follow the money, especialy during pre-elections frenzy.

Also, get this idea rolling in your head: LaToya Cantrell for City Councilmember At Large.


*EBI is Ed Blakely, Inc.

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  • celcus September 5, 2007, 9:05 PM

    Go LaToya!

    You are conflating a couple of very different things.

    GNOF is a private “umbrella” type non-profit charity that funds other non-profits. It has nothing officially to do with the recovery, the city or anything but itself.

    GNO Inc. is a public/private organization focused on job creation through grants to businesses and helping them secure other available private, state and federal grants. It, likewise, has nothing officially to do with the recovery.

    Just a bunch of do-gooders, that happen to have New Orleans in their name.

    LRA is a state organization that handles the recovery funding and planning at the state level. It was the LRA that requested the citywide plan that became the UNOP process.

    Ed Blakely heads the city Office of Recovery Managment which is charged with coordinating the recovery efforts at the city level. That will include funds allocated to the city by the LRA.

    The BNOB was a “blue ribbon” panel formed by Mayor Nagin to report on and make recommendations for the recovery of New Orleans. It included a host of subcommittess looking into everything from urban planning, to education, to culture. The final report was issued on March 20, 2006 and was largely a dead letter, as there were no funds to develop it to into an executable plan [Apparently, you can’t get the funds to develop a plan until you have a plan]. In addition, it did not contain any citizen input. It has been defunct for some time, but a number of the recommendations were later adapted to the UNOP plan.

    And I don’t know what the heck is up with the “justice” complex.

  • Maitri September 5, 2007, 9:31 PM

    celcus, thanks for teasing apart the GNOF-GNO connection.

    I know what/who these other organizations are but am trying to figure out what they are doing NOW (what they have evolved into since they formed) and get people to think about these things as well. You know, whether they are still working and/or working together for the benefit of NOLA or their own.

  • liprap September 6, 2007, 10:04 AM

    It all adds up to TMA – Too Many Acronyms.

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