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Day 680: We The Babies In The Bathwater Of The United States

Larry Flynt may have come through for us by precipitating the David “I Did Her” Vitter sequence of events that have unfolded in the last 24 hours. The lesson: Screw around all you want, but don’t judge others for it and don’t do it on the country’s dime and time. Or, is it? Keep the eye on the prize, while the Republican and Democrat powers-that-be attempt to quickly sweep this affair under the rug. Having sex with a prostitute is a crime in New Orleans and Washington DC and, as Oyster reminds us, “Why would someone so concerned about cleaning up Louisiana’s reputation for corruption engage in such activities? And when people started raising these questions in years past, did Senator Vitter use his ‘considerable power to attempt to silence those who knew the truth’ as GOP State Rep candidate Chris Tidmore alleges?”

Guffaw I did, especially on seeing stuff like this and this, but, all giggled and blogged, this is no laughing matter. Government in this country stopped being funny a few years ago when the truth HIT home repeatedly and our people started dying at an unacceptable rate, mostly thanks to our government’s witlessness. How long will we excuse elected leaders when they commit crimes at the expense of America and the world, make loads of money for themselves and their friends, and leave us with a cleanup bill that even our grandchildren will not overcome?

Where is all this coming from? This latest scandal may not hurt Vitter’s re-election campaign but it sure has hurt New Orleans and her people. For two years, we’ve wanted the rest of America to look past the dog-and-pony show enacted by everyone from Nagin to Jefferson and Jordan to Vitter, once FEMA and their claptrap disappeared as soon as they came. We are the ones in the background jumping up and down hoping you see us. We are the ones waving and screaming so that you discern the signal over the noise – that we are still a people, taxpayers just like you, deserving of serious help despite those that we put in office because they were the only sorry options we had at the time, again not unlike you. Now is when we want you to be shocked at the fact that our district attorney’s office dismissed five counts of first-degree murder against the man accused of the worst killing spree of 2006, for the usual lack of cooperative witnesses and evidence, and goad your government representatives into immediate and increased law enforcement action in Louisiana. Instead you’re dismissing us as an irredeemable waste of time thanks to a Louisiana lawmaker’s inability to keep his sanctimonious dick in his pants.

I am tired and disgusted. At Nagin, Jordan, Riley, Jefferson, Blanco, past politicians, the entire state legislature, Landrieu, Vitter and the whole corrupt Bush administration. And you, if you wash your hands off a hurting neighbor chock full of fellow Americans, as well as all of this nation’s rich variety that is still worth fighting for.

Don’t let us down.

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