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Day 598: New New Orleans Levee

The paper version of Volume 1, Issue 5 of New Orleans’s own Onion, The New Orleans Levee, finally got to my hands!  This edition is a laugh a page all the way from Trash bins ˜a bitch“ in Quarter to Great Moments in New Orleans History (1803: A Year of Change and the Accidental Invention of the Stripper Pole).  The best article has to be Jindal suspects race conspiracy, with a subtitle that reads “leading governor candidate says plot is dispersing N.O. East Indians.”  Heeheehee!

Jindal, speaking at a prayer breakfast in honor of the pot-bellied, elephant-faced Hindu god Ganesha, said that the challenges faced by the city“s Indian community are steep, but not insurmountable. If I were blessed with only a fraction of Vishnu“s multitude of limbs, I could remedy this situation with an arm tied behind my back.

Itis estimated that Katrina“s destruction of the city“s health care infrastructure has forced tens of people of Indian descent to practice their medical specialties in other cities.  Jindal blamed the policies of lame-duck governor Kathleen Blanco most notably her controversial ban on chicken tikka for driving away Indian families. He also cited the recent decision by Tulane University to cancel the engineering department.

[Emphasis mine.]  So funny, despite that Jindal, a former Hindu and now staunch Christian, wouldn’t say thing 1 about Hindu gods.  Also, New Orleans’s super-lame lack of good Indian restaurants was recently rectified by my dear friend, Komi, whose That Indian Place has been serving up delectable Malaysian-influenced South Indian lunches for the past couple of months now.  Get your spicy chili chicken and vegetable korma fix at 201 St. Charles in the CBD now!  Tell Komi I sent you.

Speaking of the Onion, I will be flying to Madison, WI tomorrow for a long weekend involving work and getting together with friends.  Light blogging until Monday.

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  • HammHawk April 18, 2007, 12:51 PM

    This is a Very Important Post. I actually was underwhelmed by the first issue, but I think the Levee has gotten very good. Really good laughs.

    Also, I’m thrilled to hear about a new spot for Indian food (and I don’t know that I’ve had a Malaysian slant on that), especially in a spot I might not normally notice. I’m there!

  • jeffrey April 18, 2007, 10:20 PM

    I didn’t think this one was all that funny. They’ve done some good things previously but I think Forgotston is a bad influence.

  • Komi April 19, 2007, 5:41 PM

    Thanks for the shoutout babe!

    My favorite part in the article was the detailed description of Ravana — too funny!

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