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Day 598: Information Into Action

Athenae of First Draft gets the It’s More Than Just Writing And Arguing Online thing.  One of the goals is translating info-communication skills into physical and technological action, and helping LOTS of others without these tools do the same.  We New Orleanians really need to take informed citizenry to the next level. 

If you want to experience firsthand what we write about here all the time, find a local campaign (in your own town or, as in my case, the next one over) that needs volunteers. Walk the street for a better school, or more cops, or a referendum for more money for your local library. Take all the knowledge you’ve used about messaging and connection and put it to use handing out literature and raising awareness for something you think could make your town, hell, your block, a better place.

You might get involved and then lose. You may get your heart broken. You may get your heart ripped out of your chest and stomped to death and then set on fire. But if you win, well … then you get to watch the numbers come in and shout and hold hands and hug and sing and dance, and there’s nothing really that’s better than that.

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