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Day 534: Tornado Strike

Parts of Carrollton & Uptown and Gentilly are not looking good right now. It’s all this recovering city needs. Then again, this wasn’t a flood, and the insurance may kick in sooner and with less of a quibble (one hopes).

Reuters: One dead, several injured in New Orleans tornado

The lone death was an 86-year-old woman living in a government-provided trailer in the Gentilly section that had been badly flooded by the August 2005 hurricane … Entergy Corp. said the storm had knocked out power to as many as 29,000 customers.

WDSU.com has parish-by-parish updates.

WDSU TV just said, “16,000 without power in Carollton … 2000 without power in NO East, most folks should be up by 3pm today, if not then tomorrow morning.”

Just got off the phone with Dangerblond and her Old Metairie neighborhood hasn’t had power since last night. Lisa says, “The Gentilly damage seems to be centered around Pontchartrain Park. I don’t think Morwen is too close to that area. But she may be without power. I can promise you that Karen‘s power is out. It’s out at my house and all over Carrollton/Riverbend. Broadmoor seems to be okay, as power goes. (At least it is at Audubon and Fountainbleau it is.) They don’t expect it to be back up until as late as tonight.”

Alexis‘s father’s Uptown house sustained roof, window and gutter damage, but they are doing fine. Houses around them are messed up, as are properties along Carrollton Ave. If anyone has updates on people and homes, please leave comments.

Update: Howie Luvzus has pictures from Carrollton.

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  • Morwen February 13, 2007, 2:05 PM

    Morwen and household were not damaged last night… our temporary quarters are in the Marigny. Haven’t gone to the house today, but that part of Gentilly seems untouched.

  • ashley February 13, 2007, 2:05 PM

    We’re cool, a couple of blocks away. A buddy got his windows blown out.

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