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Kuwait: Progress With A Caveat

VatulBlog proudly announces that Kuwait Approves Women’s Political Rights.

An admirable 35-23 vote gave Kuwaiti women the right to vote and stand in parliamentary elections. No parade is memorable without some rain; traditional archconservatives successfully tacked on a caveat to the law which requires the newly-empowered women to adhere to Islamic law.

What an ambiguous statement. Ix-nay on the champagne at campaign headquarters? No rock music on the tour bus? Holding hands at voter registration verboten?

[Rola] Dashti, a U.S.-educated economist, said the clause probably meant separate polling stations and not an imposition of a strict Islamic dress code.

Ms. Dashti will run for parliament in the 2007 election.

As objectionable as a lot of women find the “abide” clause, I think it is nothing but grandstanding by Kuwait’s patriarchy – the last menacing growl of an old lion that knows his time has come. A few honestly fear the loss of traditional ways at the hands of a younger and more progressive generation, but this is the way of old and new.

Three cheers for the women of Kuwait – Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!

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  • tilo May 22, 2005, 9:20 PM

    when I get a chance I need to sit down and think what I did with the vote I had in India.

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