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How Guinness Is Made

The exhibits and layout of the Guinness Brewery tour have changed since we were there last six years ago. Each ingredient is highlighted appropriately and the walk is a lot more logical. I approve

Here’s a collage of some pictures I took on the tour. Starting from the bottom left and running clockwise: the mix of barley, hops, yeast and water is mixed, fermented, heated, distilled, barreled, advertised and then enjoyed the world over.

As you learn on the tour, “the eight million litres of water that flow into the Guinness brewery every day come from the Wicklow Mountains near Dublin.” Once you get to the Gravity Bar at the very top of the storehouse, the first thing you see is the schist-and-granite Wicklows to the south. We visited these mountains the following day – lots more to come in following posts. See, there’s that whole geology-civilization-beer connection again. Without rocks, we’d have nothing. You remember that.

“Enough of your rocks and camera already. Can we have our Guinness now?”

More Guinness brewery and Jameson distillery photos in this Flickr photo slideshow.

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