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Day 807: New Orleans News

As much as the newspapers and TV push me towards other stories, the news keeps coming back to New Orleans.

1) New Orleans – America’s #2 most sedentary city

The Big Easy has faced challenges more formidable than any city in this group. Perhaps slow rebuilding and changes in the local economy have contributed to the TV watching habits of the city’s residents. They clocked a staggering 42 hours per week. At 31%, the city almost tied Houston for the highest percentage of residents who hadn’t had any physical activity. Lastly, 63% of the population is obese or overweight.

… According to the city’s health department, the area lost 21 of 36 major supermarkets and local residents turned to corner stores stocked with calorie-rich but nutrient-deficient junk food to meet their shopping needs. As a remedy, the city recently spearheaded an initiative to stock and promote 13 corner stores with fresh fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy and whole-grain products.

Had Forbes even thought about the city’s increased alcohol and brownie consumption and cortisol levels since the rebuilding process began?  Also, for a second there, I thought that TV watching rate was going to spike until I realized that Sweet P on the upcoming Project Runway Season 4 is not a New Orleans designer.  Makeup gumbo parties, anyone?

2) Area Harrah’s casino worker earns karma points

Very touching. We don’t read stories like this enough, except when in the opposite anti-New Orleans.

3) City-Wide School Facilities Master Planning Meeting [LINK]

When: Saturday, November 17th, 9:30am to 3:00pm
Where: Warren Easton Sr HS, 3019 Canal Street (Auditorium)

The education of our children and young adults is the most important business of Orleans Parish. The future of our community, state, and nation is dependent on how well we perform this important function. Our school facilities play a significant role in this critical work. The Louisiana Department of Education, the Recovery School District and the Orleans Parish Schools are in the process of developing a School Facilities Master Plan for Orleans Parish. All community members and supporters of high quality education are invited to attend a Citywide School Planning Meeting to begin the community wide conversation to develop the facilities master plan.

Who runs SFMPOP and what should we be watching for here?

4) New Orleans brother-sister duo, Azaria and Hendekia Azene, make it to Amazing Race Season 12 Episode 3 in fifth place, having taken first place last week.  Disclaimer: I only watch this show because I know one of the contestants.

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