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May 26, 2006 – Shopping with my mom and eating a delicious, home-cooked South Indian meal is what I would have been doing tonight had my travel plans not been utterly bollocksed by United Airlines and yesterday’s inclement Upper Midwestern weather.

On the bright side (and how): Over dinner with my next-door neighbor, Greg, and his mother tonight, I discovered that Greg is the grandson of none other than Sinclair Lewis and the woman who is the topic of American Cassandra: The Life Of Dorothy Thompson. The Dorothy Thompson, friend of Clare Booth Luce, confidante of Eleanor Roosevelt and Herbert Hoover, among countless others?! Holy journalistic heaven.

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  • Adrastos May 28, 2006, 1:44 PM

    I’m impressed that somone other than me knows who Dorothy Thompson and Sinclair Lewis were. On “Jeopardy” they quite often ask questions abouth them and the only time the contestants get them right is if it’s about “Elmer Gantry.”

  • ess bee May 30, 2006, 1:15 PM

    re: “none other than”

    this appears to be a typical south indian (exclusively, maybe, tamilians?
    – though i cannot vouch for that). remove this phrase, and the sentence reads
    the same. so why this phrase? strunk and white must be turning over in their

    – s.b. (just nitpicking)

    ps: too bad for your flight. i have had to endure similar issues flying between
    a northeastern city and a southeastern city :-), including threats that the
    flight would be diverted to the nearest city upon the threat of impending storms.

  • Maitri May 30, 2006, 7:07 PM

    Adrastos, What a formidable woman D.T. was – I’m glad to learn a lot about her through her own family.

    SB, this appears to be a typical South Indian what? I’m sure Strunk and White will be mighty displeased with a missing noun (and the lack of capitalization, you e.e., you!)

    As for “none other than,” we use it a lot in La Nouvelle Orleans as well. “Who should walk in but none other than Benny Boudreaux!”

    It’s all the in the emphaaaaasis.

  • ess bee May 31, 2006, 2:51 PM

    whoops – sorry. the missing word should be ‘phrase’. looks like a case of one desi calling another chocolate, eh? :-)

    – s.b.

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