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Dog Days

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Blame it on Instagram. Why I haven’t posted here in a whole month, that is.

Along with two weeks of travel to the Midwest (Wisconsin and Ohio – holy cows, the heat), lots of work work to do on return, a broken molar and post-workday catching up with life, I have discovered the joys of rendering iPhone photos into bad family vacation photos from the 70s. You know, the ones we now scan, touch up and heal in Photoshop and try to save from the depths of decay. I’d already known about the Instagram app and used it to crop and put borders on existing photos, but the new version has nicer ways to filter, blur and tilt. It’s like playing a video game, but with your photos instead of throwing disgruntled birds at dazed pigs.

Here are more apps with which to edit photos and make collages. Of these, I recommend Pixlromatic and PhotoWonder.

So you see, I was blogging, just in pictures and on another platform. Maybe I’ll start posting some of the more interesting (to me) ones here.

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