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We cruised by a store called FishLand today.

Me: “So, they sell, um, all fish at FishLand?”

D: “Yeah.”

Me: “Like halibut and tuna. Fried or blackened.”

D: “No, they sell fish as pets. It’s a pet store.”

Me: “A whole store dedicated to pet fish instead of a fishmonger. Okay, then where’s HamsterLand?”

D: “Yes, because there’s a market for rare, tropical hamsters.”

And then I dissolved into stomach-folding laughter imagining a guy in a FishLand uniform running through a South American jungle after a startled and seriously psychedelically-colored hamster.

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  • liprap February 28, 2011, 1:09 PM

    If you wanna eat the fish, you schlep to an old haunt of Dan’s in Chicago called The Fish Hut. Seriously.

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