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Life’s Not Long

People die of illness and accident all the time. But to have five people you know pass away in the span of a month.

This is all too much.

Betty Ann Davis, friend and partner of Morwen Madrigal, passed away last night after a long illness. Sweet, quiet Betts, until she got behind a pool cue or shot glass, and then you’d best watch out. Morwen herself has been very ill lately and I worry about the effects Betts’s passing will have on her.

This right after putting last night to rest. Last night, when D and Mark returned from burying our friend Pete, who died very unexpectedly last week after foot surgery. I hear the waiting line at his wake stretched around a freezing Door County, Wisconsin block and that his church service was standing room only. Pete, you popular, fun-loving goofball, we were counting on you to be our fourth at Lambeau on the 26th.

Before that, we lost our dear friend Leo on Thanksgiving evening, family friend Mrs. Patel on November 30th and great old next-door neighbor on December 6th.

It’s not fair.

How much more can we bear?

Why does this all surround us at the end of an already-sketchy 2010?

It is very easy at this point to step onto those treacherous roads of thought. So I stop there.

You. Just take care of yourselves and come back to me.

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  • Cat Miller January 23, 2011, 8:50 PM

    can anyone tell me how to get ahold of Morwen?? I am a long time friend and when I heard about Betts, I tried to call but both phones have been disconnected and her blog at gentillygirl.com is off. Please help. I am worried about her and would like to get in touch. Cat

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