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The Secret Bar At Kelly’s Hotel

Also known as “The Not So Secret Bar” at Kelly’s Hotel in the heart of Dublin. It felt a lot like the upstairs at Elizabeth’s restaurant in the Bywater of New Orleans. All the way from the little American hipsters hanging out in the various high-ceilinged rooms to the Neville Brothers and Killer’s favorite Professor Longhair on the jukebox.

Secret Bar At Kelly's

Remind me later to tell you about the time I was asked “If he was bald, why did he call himself Professor Longhair?” by a young woman in the city of New Orleans, and the look I gave her.

It stormed like a bag of wet cats that night. Across the street from Kelly’s is a tall old red-brick Gothic I was certain was a church of some sort (but no cross, hey?). Turns out it used to house a sausage factory. Guess the Irish love their bangers so much they’ll build towering edifices to protect them. Anyway, think this is where Bram Stoker got his inspiration for Dracula? Where’s Gary Oldman in Princess Leia buns when you need him?

Aaaand a gratuitous shot of three full pints of Guinness. With mood lighting. Sláinte.

Creamy Nectar Of Life

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