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Badger vs. Fur Seal

Following is a picture I took at the Smithsonian of the skull of an American badger. Looks menacing, right? Actually, it looks like I feel right now, what with my huge canines as well as the sinuses and head ready to explode and rip the skin off my face.

A Flickr commenter argues this is not a badger but a Fur Seal skeleton (Callorhinus ursinus). Are there any Caniformia osteologists out there who can put an end to this debate? The better question is: Why would I take a picture of a fur seal? Makes one wish the Smithsonian had an indexed online gallery of all of their exhibits.

Carnivora Mustelidae Taxidea taxusUpdate:


Blair found these in the Carnivora section of Skulls Unlimited (The World’s Leading Supplier Of Osteological Specimens! Shop Thousands of Real & Replica Skulls & Skeletons Online Today!!! Who knew?!)

American Badger skull on top, Fur Seal on bottom. You decide. I’m going with badger-fur seal hybrid. Stranger things have been documented at the Smithsonian.

And, yes, more happy pictures of Ireland and rocks soon.

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  • julie November 28, 2010, 6:26 PM

    It’s not a badger and does indeed look like the fur seal classification is right – I think mustelids in general have more robust and differentiated teeth than in the specimen above. GIS “badger skull” and “fur seal skull” and look at the post-canine teeth.

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