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The Science Of Football

Tomorrow is the final day of the Science Bloggers for Students fundraising challenge at Donors Choose. Thank you, guys, for helping me raise $461 which will hopefully be doubled by HP some time this week! One of the projects, Rockin Earth, has only $176 left to go! Please, VatulBlog readers, let’s be responsible for the kids of Jacksonville, North Carolina acquiring a decent mineral testing kit. Just one more day and a beleaguered teacher will thank you from the bottom of her heart.

Why should you help kids learn science? So that they appreciate football, of course! Scientific American reports:

In partnership with the National Science Foundation and the National Football League, NBC Learn has created 10 videos that explore several concepts:

* Newton’s three laws of motion
* The Pythagorean theorem
* Projectile motion
* Vectors
* Geometric shapes
* Kinematics
*  Torque
*  Hydration and nutrition

All this week, we’ll be providing additional stories that take the concepts explored in the video further.

Remember those awful word problems in which a dude has to swim across a river flowing at a certain velocity, so how far upstream does said dude have to start, given his own speed, in order to reach a specific point on the opposite bank? In What Are Vectors, and How Are They Used? “you see that quarterbacks must account for their own motion when throwing a pass.” Explains Jay Cutler. Sorry, was that out loud?

And yet, I don’t think angular momentum and torque can explain the big blond FABUlousness that is my very own defensive linebacker, Clay Matthews. Especially against the Cowboys.

The Sack Of John Kitna (Credit: Tom Lynn)

Hey, any excuse to talk Packer football raise money for science.

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