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Unspoken is that D’s mother passed away four years ago today. I love and miss her more each passing season.  Our guests have left, the house is a mess and I have yet to pack tonight to leave tomorrow, conference-bound as usual.  I feel like the turkey carcass looks – devastated and unable to enjoy all this tryptophan in me.

On the bright side, while American football “pundits” treat high-ranking quarterback Aaron Rodgers like he doesn’t exist, Donald Driver, Charles Woodson and he played their hearts out to beat the Detroit Lions. Also, Dennis and Else gave me the brightest smiles while volunteering as bell ringers in the cold outside the grocery store last night.  Smiles that light a small fire in my heart.

There are irreplaceable people, smiles, words, deeds that stay with you always.  This permanence cuts both ways.

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