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“I Was Bitten By A Boar”

I’ve decided on a band name and it shall be Wisconsin Monkeys.  Less punk rock with harmonium, more cello and glass-scratching.  Sorry, primates of Madison, I don’t care how much you like them, no Metallica covers.  Incidentally, I walked by Wisconsin National Primate Research Center everyday for five years.  Had I known they were experimenting on the poor critters with music in there, I’d have donated earplugs.

The monkeys.  They are everywhere.  In my travel plans.

Salzburg Guild Sign (c) visit-salzburg.net

Salzburg Guild Sign (c) visit-salzburg.net

In our luggage.  In our go cups.  Babysitting our kidsEvicted from state houses after peeing on presidentsPackaged with little black baby dolls to instigate racial controversy.  Everywhere.  They must have good agents.

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