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GPS On Gulf Of Mexico Drilling Units

Offshore Engineer reports that the MMS has set a July 1st deadline for all Gulf of Mexico drilling units to have GPS transponders installed for post-hurricane tracking.  “The agency will also request access to realtime GPS data so MMS and US Coast Guard officials can track rigs set adrift by a storm.”  This is in addition to increased mooring requirements and restrictions on drilling locations during hurricane season.

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  • Editilla~New Orleans Ladder June 4, 2009, 12:39 PM

    Hey Maitri!
    I’m sure you are aware of WAVCIS~Wave, Current, Surge Information System for Coastal Louisiana
    It is the locations of the Surge Guages and usually they fit these onto Oil/Gas platforms. It is a pretty good inventory, constantly updated and live, movable mashup thingy…
    Course Ike and da’like wiped their buns but hey…

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