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Back Country Rainbow

Love how you can cross what seems like five climactic zones in the span of 30 miles here, especially in the month of April. In fifteen minutes today, I drove from a warm, sunny afternoon to black clouds to torrential downpour to freezing rain to hail to a drizzle to … this.

Somewhere Under The Rainbow

When the sun hit the wall of showers, I said, “Rainbow,” and there it was. But, the rainbow that appeared was one beyond my imagination, farther than the dinky iPhone camera was able to capture. With every single color of the spectrum, this full arch grew and grew in saturation, intensity and size to reveal both pots of gold where it hit the earth. How I wished for my SLR and a safe way to pull over and capture the whole amazing sight.

Somewhere Under The Rainbow

But, this instant was mine. For ten seconds, all was crystal clear, so visceral, so real, until the tears came and blurred the view. The last time I felt like this was when D and I caught the Northern Lights on a crisp, cloudless Wisconsin night. The unexpected and uncontrollable beauty that comes from the harshest sky over acres and acres of farmed earth.  This is something about the Midwest I have missed for so long.

Then, the rainbow was gone. And there were blue sky, a long stretch of country highway and me.

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  • Karen May 3, 2009, 9:36 AM

    Just like joy, fleeting and wonderful.

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