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Day 1278: Another Mardi Gras Come And Gone

  • Parades = WIN, with the exception of Druids, who should just stay home, and whatever other parade was themed “Hows and Whys.” Good grief.  Muses shoe.  Mine!
  • Mardi Gras Day = WIN, with awesomely fabu and popular butterfly costume, dance-off at Fahy’s, walk to the Marigny and more dancing on Frenchmen St. Let the world know that I was handed a 100th-anniversary Zulu coconut by a duke. Pictures coming. I rule! 
  • Hope you enjoyed Fat Tuesday in the sky with your K-Doe, Miss Antoinette!
  • Oscars = Didn’t watch.  You think I’m going to miss a superkrewe parade for the Oscars?  Extremely proud of A. R. Rahman for winning twins and speaking some Tamil in his acceptance speech!  In my opinion, Slumdog Millionaire’s score isn’t Rahman’s best work (that’s Bombay, for which director Mani Ratnam deserves a few Oscars, and then ten more for Nayakan), but what he was recognized for because the film’s dialogue is in English.   Which brings us to what I don’t like about the Oscars – why a Foreign Film category?  Why not just Best Film and put them all in the running?  It’s like the winners of American basketball calling themselves World Champions.
  • Obama’s SOTU speech = Meh. Stop being distracted by the self-serving motivations of and placating your opposition, Geithner and the DINOs, and enact a plan which educates our kids and helps Americans get back in the business of generating equivalent value for money earned. We’re in debt thanks to basing our entire economy on a stock market which attaches value to magical purple unicorns, consumer greed married to credit card companies and a wholly unnecessary war.  On a related note, whom are we going to borrow from if not China?  Such is our fate.
  • Jindal’s response = *blink*  What a wreck.  Louisiana as model for running the countryReally.  In that case, pull this car over.  I want off.
  • Stop it.  I know.  Who watches the SOTU address and responses at the end of a long Mardi Gras Day?  Me.
  • WDSU.com | Bourbon St. Shooting Marks 12th In 24 Hours
  • Nap.  Now.  Must.  Alas.  Work beckons.
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