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Day 1259: Won’t You Let Me Take You On A Sea Cruise?

Forget him as a musician. Frankie Ford, king of Krewe du Vieux 2009, is hilarious, truly a laugh a minute, while his queen, Barbara Bennett, is as gorgeous as she is witty.  That so many of us howled and blushed at Frankie’s incessant jokes, and Barbara only encouraged him, proves that we picked our royalty right. Come out and honor the only Grammy winner from Gretna and his lovely queen at the Krewe du Vieux parade this Saturday evening!

Frankie through time:

S. S. Surreal sounds about right for this year’s KduV theme.

Ever the wise … man.

Queen Barbara Bennett & King Frankie Ford
Barbara and Frankie on February 4th, 2009

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