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The Gambit spells out what many of us think of Carlos Mencia as celebrity guest of the Orpheus parade this year – here and HEREHarry, I love you, but what were the organizing committee and you thinking?  Are we that hard up for talented celebrities?

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  • Kevin February 4, 2009, 12:40 AM

    This news got me thinking: We get some serious talent (with some serious heart) down here for Jazz Fest, and for Mardi Gras … well, it’s a different group of people. To put it in culinary terms, Jazz Fest brings in Julia Child and Thomas Keller; MG riders are more on the order of the Food Network guy with the spiky blonde highlights who shills for TGI Fridays.

    If we’re going to have out-of-town celebrity riders, why don’t we ever get an Elvis Costello, an Aretha Franklin, a B.B. King front and center on the big celeb-style parades?

  • Maitri February 5, 2009, 11:45 PM

    Why can’t we get Dave Chappelle, Jon Stewart or that dude who smokes cigars and drinks bourbon during his standup routine? Hell, I’ll take Larry the Cable Guy over Mencia.

    Oh, look, he’s been “uninvited” and we get Joan Rivers. Now that is crass I can completely live with.

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