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Day 1188: Gabba Gabba

My turkey is a punk rocker.

The Beeb has a pretty good roundup of the attacks still in progress in Mumbai.  That the Indian government knew of this threat but did not take it seriously is criminal.  This cycle of stupidity – India blames and hurls verbal barbs at Pakistan, no real investigation of the terrorist act is conducted, Indians burn Pakistani officials in effigy, innocent Muslims are beaten or killed and their homes burned, return to business as usual, next terror attack – has to stop.  And while the targeting of Indian Muslims who have nothing to do with anything is reprehensible, it behooves Indian Muslim leaders to openly condemn Islamic-fundamentalist attacks on Indian cities and request them to stop in the name of all that is right and holy. Country before ideology.

Today, I give thanks for being safe at home with D and not having to travel anywhere.  This song goes out to the world. Happy Thanksgiving, y’all.

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