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Day 1186: Obviously The Chemicals They Add Upstream

Reuters | New Orleans has highest U.S. city crime rate: report


[Police Chief Warren] Riley repeatedly criticized the study as being a money-maker for CQ Press, which examined statistics for six major types of crime in nearly 400 cities and found that, with more than 19,000 incidents of crime last year, New Orleans ranked number one, ahead of Camden, New Jersey, and Detroit, Mich.

“In the 1870s, New Orleans was considered one of the most violent cities in the country,” Riley said. “Is it the water in the Mississippi? I don’t know what it is … We know right now that crime is down in this city.”

If the Dismiss Veronica White online petition will get something positive accomplished, as in the resignation/firing of Ms. White, I offer that someone start another one immediately for the dismissal of Warren Riley.  It cannot be me because, frankly, I am running out of gas.  What energy I can muster says that if you are to continue living in New Orleans three years after Katrina and beyond, you cannot do it with such denial heading up the PD.

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