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Day 1137: The Mean Streets Of Madison

University Of Wisconsin

While in Madison, Wisconsin a couple of weeks back, a female student at the geology department responsibly warned me to stay on main arteries while walking back to the hotel and to avoid side streets. “There have been a number of assaults on campus lately.”

My response: “Thanks for your concern, but I live in New Orleans. Sweetie, I am assault.”  This elicited a few laughs, but it’s not funny.  The prospect of assault is a lot more frightening than that of death.

Update: I heard this fatal gunfire while getting in my car last night.  Police say the victim was found on Coliseum but I heard the shots coming from the direction of Annunciation and Constance.  If it were an echo, why was an NOPD squad car also rushing with lights on to Annunciation Park?

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