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Day 1105: Please Donate To The United Houma Nation!

Donation information for the United Houma Nation.  After sustaining massive wind and flood damage, they need supplies as well as monetary donations.  Brenda Dardar Robichaux is the Principal Chief of the Houma Nation and a friend of Karen Gadbois. She is also a Jazzfest regular.

Please, big media, take your eyes off us and put the spotlight on the communities that really got hammered by Hurricane Gustav!  There are a lot more hurricanes in the Atlantic for later.

* HoumaToday.com | Isle de Jean Charles Unreachable
* DailyComet.com | More than four days after Gustav, no shelters in Terrebonne
* WWLTV.com | Jindal frustrated with FEMA over slow supply delivery [to Terrebonne and Lafourche parishes]

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  • rickngentilly September 7, 2008, 12:14 AM

    thank you.

    as much as it burned my ass that we got no relief for five days after katrina ,

    the fact that i am high and dry in gentilly can not be enjoyed with what im seeing just south of me.

    plaqumines , grand isle , la fourche , and terribone. are in major pain and a mere 90 min ride from my house.

    why are they waiting for water?

    why isnt this shouted from the rooftops like new orleans was?

    we are in a heap of shit as a country when one group becomes more important over another.

    also when the powers that be can divide and conquer us.

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