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Day 1065: It’s Black And Gold Forever

The FYYFF: It’s Black And Gold Forever fundraiser party for the Ashley Morris Memorial Fund was set to start at 8pm. Nothing starts on time here, but I was worried about being horribly late when D and I entered One Eyed Jack’s at a quarter to ten. Fortunately for us, the Arena Bowl crowds, the sudden and heavy rain and the general Saturday-night-in-the-Quarter rodeo had snarled up traffic so badly that half the talent hadn’t yet shown and the opening act had just gone on. Jewish Standard Time sounds a lot like Indian Standard Time, yet another reason for a HinJew merger.

Walking on Chartres to One Eyed Jack’s, D and I received a free concert from Huey Lewis, whom we heard was playing at or outside the Hard Rock Cafe. “The Power Of Love” followed us into the fundraiser. Once officially wrist-banded, Jeffrey, Menckles and I sauntered into the main area to find the bloggers on the right hand side of the room, while the Rollergirls and their posse lined the opposite wall. I think Jeffrey likened it to a school dance, the sexes segregated to either side of the dance hall, while I pretended we were the Jets or the Bloods and stepped onto Rollergirl territory to see if a fight would immediately ensue. No one noticed; all eyes were focused on the stage as Supa Saint prepared to go on.

What Is Ashley Morris? Hana Speaks

Things soon got going. Oyster spoke on behalf of Rising Tide, after which Ray re-read his What Is Ashley Morris? to thunderous applause. Hana, Ashley’s statuesque and strong widow, thanked all of us for being there and helping out. Hana and I both noticed that every time we’ve done anything Ashley-related in the last few months, it starts to pour outside. We’re both not superstitious, but the coincidence is a bit funny-eerie.

Bloggers I ran into, in order of encounter: Ray, Loki, Oyster, Jeffrey, Tim, Liprap, Michael Homan, Celcus, NOLA Cleophatra, Adrastos, Mark Folse, Patrick, Dangerblond, Bec, Cade Roux, Candace, NOLADishu, DB, G-Bitch, Mr. Clio, Christian Roselund, Becky Houtman and Humid Haney. Jason Berry was there, as was LisaPal who brought Huey Lewis over from his concert. If I didn’t mention someone, no offense.

Huey Lewis At FYYFF

Following the speeches came the auction and raffle. Oyster bid on and won a dress for Lovely, one freshly stripped off a member of Fleur de Tease. Haney got his wife a necklace created by Niki Fisk, a local jewelry maker, who just so happens to have attended high school with one of my cousins. Glad to know she is still in New Orleans. Mark Folse won one of Ashley’s cigar ashtrays.

I have crappy luck when it comes to winning anything, so imagine my surprise when I got not one, not two, but three pieces of art at the raffle. My booty includes a painting of a voodoo doll by Varg, Who Dat by Rex of NOLA Rising and Frankenstein which looks like the work of Tard Monster by Unknown Parts. I’ll have to check with The Dingler.

My FYYFF Booty

The night ended with D, Folse and me at Fahy’s, where Katie didn’t beat D and me for not showing up in eons. Fahy’s was where I first met Ashley Morris on Ash Wednesday 2006 and asked him where he blogged and what he had written. “Oh, you know, FYYFF and Sinn Fein.” “That’s you?” I responded, “you’re great.” Ashley smiled and said, “Here, have a cigar.” With a bad cold, I declined his offer, but had to smile. FYYFF and Sinn Fein, Ashley, we will never forget.

FYYFF And Sinn Fein!!!

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  • Mark Folse July 27, 2008, 5:39 PM

    Watch out, Bec, the Zombies want your signs!

  • Sophmom July 27, 2008, 5:41 PM

    Was thinking of y’all. Thanks so much for the report and the pics. Huey Lewis?! Way cool!

  • liprap July 27, 2008, 7:44 PM

    Uhh, you missed seeing ME! I was there!!!! *jumping up and down, hands waving*

    Guess I’m just the little nerdlette…

  • Maitri July 27, 2008, 7:47 PM

    You left just as soon as I got there, after your LONGGEEEEYELUNND iced tea. Funny how I didn’t put your name on the list even though I linked to your post on the event.

  • liprap July 27, 2008, 7:55 PM

    I’m sorry we missed Huey….and all the other bloggers who came, ‘a course. When that frickin’ babysitting clock sounds, we are sooo in danger of turning into large orange parental squash.

    Ahhhh, hell, next time that happens, I’ll just sip large amounts of my fave kitchen-sink drink outta the damn pumpkin.

  • ReX July 28, 2008, 2:07 AM

    Hey there- Sad to have missed it. I left the paint party early to go to work and everything that could go wrong…did. Let me tell you how much fun the river is right now with all this mess out there.

    Anyway, it looks like the event was an absolute success. As for your pieces…Varg you’ve got. I love his voodoo doll portraits. As for your WHO D’at, that was done by yours truly…a Rex original. And the Frankenstein-esque piece i hope you paid top dollar for. That is none other than an original UnknownParts (as seen on the city streets of New Orleans, but have grown rarer since his time to paint is limited. That one will be a true gem one day.

  • Varg July 28, 2008, 9:36 AM

    Those Unknown Parts pieces rule! RULE! He does some where the monsters are wearing suits and are supposed to resemble politicians. You truly scored.

  • Tim July 28, 2008, 10:59 PM

    It was a fun time for a good cause!



  • Maitri July 29, 2008, 10:03 AM

    Mista Tim, how could I have forgotten you?! You’re so quiet IRL.

  • Mr. Clio July 29, 2008, 10:03 PM

    Great post. I knew we missed some cool stuff by leaving at midnight.

    Great to see you!

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