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Day 1047: Hollywood’s Run By …

The military?  Boy, won’t my father-in-law be surprised.

L.A. Times | The Iraq war movie: Military hopes to shape genre

After the Vietnam War, movies like “Apocalypse Now” and “Born on the Fourth of July” helped cement an image of psychologically damaged Vietnam veterans.

… With the country now enmeshed in another long, unpopular war, [Army Lt. Col. J. Todd Breasseale, who is deployed to Wilshire Boulevard] is hoping to influence a new generation of filmmakers in order to avoid repeating the experience.

… With military assistance, moviemakers get access to bases, ships, planes, tanks and Humvees. Military leaders also offer script advice.  And unless a filmmaker agrees to address any problems, the Pentagon generally opts out.


The military has also been involved in a local production recently – that of the 2009 Big Easy Rollergirls calendar which is currently in the works and coming soon to a finer establishment near you.  One of the shoots for Rollergirls Through Time took place in the World War II museum, where a Rollergirl/model was taught how to salute by a museum volunteer. (You’ve got to love a Gal in uniform.)

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