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Day 1009: Sick Day

A sinus infection / cold during New Orleans summer. Go figure.

Speaking of sick, here’s a message to those who leave comments here about black people being racists, too, and how horrible a person Michelle Obama is because she allegedly used the word “whitey” but none of you douches have been able to produce a reliable video: Stop it. If you cannot battle your ideological opponent with issues and must resort to the distortion of utterances to feel like you’re winning, you have already lost. You only prove that you are dumb sheep who are swayed by the basest of feelings. Besides, none of your comments can find purchase here as they are marked as spam before they hit the light of day. Kindly take your twaddle elsewhere.

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  • Susannah June 2, 2008, 12:49 PM

    Hey, according to Avenue Q, everyone’s a little bit racist sometimes. (And the internet is really really great for porn.)

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