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Day 906: Don’t Fear The Cheese

LATimes: Clinton, Obama will watch Wisconsin from afar

… candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton have both moved on, taking their messages to states that vote next month.

… today [Clinton] was in Ohio, which holds a primary on March 4, conducting an economic round-table with voters

… Obama, under attack by the Clinton campaign for being a candidate of “speeches” instead of “solutions,” is in Texas, which also holds its primary March 4

If I were running for president, I’d be in Hawaii today.  Just saying.

Oh, and apologies to my mother as she’s not home in Ohio right now to shake the hand of and talk with her fave woman in American politics.  Ever since my mother met Hill on the campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1991 (back before the big hair and before not-so-secret service guards surrounded the former First Lady), the V-R family has had to endure “the return of the dynasty” and “you’re all threatened by strong women in government.” It’s really hard to imagine my normally stern mother turn into a fangirl, but when she’s been drinking the HRC KoolAid, watch out, teeny boppers have nothing on her.  That is the power of first-generation, Indian-American feminism for you.

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