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Day 897: Obama Wins 75% Of Orleans Parish Democratic Vote

34,267 Orleans Parish residents voted yesterday for Barack Obama! Full results here. Incidentally, I returned to my precinct yesterday and was able to Barack the vote.

The Obamas
At long last, a smart and hot First Lady in the offing?

In other news, two local bloggers who ran as reform candidates to the Orleans Parish Democratic Executive Committee for District A won! Of the fourteen that were elected, Dangerblond came in second with 2,842 votes behind Deborah Langhoff at 3,354 votes. Our favorite civic sandanista, Karen Gadbois, was also voted onto the committee with 2,390 votes. w00t! Ladies of the NOLA blogosphere represent! Sorry, Michael Homan.

To our dismay, Mark Moseley’s clean campaign in District B indeed missed the cut. Despite votes from such stellar dignitaries as myself, the Bivalvian Era was simply not to be. Paparazzi Press Paparazzi is advised of Moseley’s concession speech at noon tomorrow, which may or may not be televised from Oyster World HQ (and, in fact, may or may not happen). On a more positive note, Ed “McMeetings” McGinnis, president of the Irish Channel Neighborhood Association and honorary blogger, came in at #10 and will represent our fine district on the OPDEC.

Congratulations all!

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  • oyster February 10, 2008, 2:21 PM

    The concession speech was not televised. I blame the media conspiracy against me.

    Thanks for the vote, though. I was pretty proud to know that people were voting for Obama and Moseley on the same ticket, even if their vote for me was completely random.

  • Daniel Z. February 11, 2008, 2:57 PM

    And I missed getting onto the OPDEC by 30 votes…. if only they had runoff elections for these seats.

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