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Day 876: Krewe Du Vieux-ed Out

First and foremost, the new route, new ball site and bands ROCKED! I heart Ray “Plaine” Kern, Joe Thompson and all helping hands for making that location happen!

R and J made it out from Houston with I in tow. Wheeee! Dear gods of Mylanta, we ate so much this weekend!

Krewe Du Vieux Doo

Ray and another friend, Ward, were kind enough to step in as our subkrewe’s escorts/security at the last minute after our Military Police buddies were called in for duty – thanks, sirs!

Ran into Adrastos, Ashley, Hammhawk and Lisa before the parade and Michael Homan, Liprap and Varg during the walk. I’m a little miffed for not catching Mark Folse, Kim and Karen before or after the parade and Loki and Alexis in the crowd. There was, however, a … wait for it … Slate sighting! Yes, Bec and her wonderful husband are out and about again, and D and I are so glad she got to walk in Krewe du Vieux this year.

CRAPS Mutinies

Royalty: A deep bow to Mr. Ronald Lewis and his lovely wife, Ms. Minnie, for being our royalty. Most people who have been our king or queen think the whole shebang little more than cute, but King Ronald genuinely enjoyed himself and got into it. His desire and readiness to participate in our parade so thoroughly is greatly appreciated.

KIng Ronald and Queen Minnie!  All Hail!

Music: A big, fat shout-out to the Paulin Bros. band for returning to their spot in the Krewe du Vieux parade, as the Krewe de C.R.A.P.S. musicians. 101 Runners opened the Doo and packed the place with a great combination of musicians (especially percussion) and Mardi Gras Indians. Thanks to the 19 brass bands and the ball bands for a great night.

Krewe Du Vieux Doo

Moment Of Zen: Trombone Shorty and I enjoyed a big hug when we were introduced after the parade. *sigh*

Pictures of float building, the C.R.A.P.S. pre-party, our second line with King Ronald Lewis, the parade and the Doo

nola.com: Krewe du Vieux titillates with its own brand of bawd

All hail Krewe du Vieux! All hail King Ronald Lewis!

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