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Day 737: Google Labs India

Google says. “Search in 14 Indian / South Asian languages.” (Thanks, rcs!)

I gave it a shot … and it’s ok.  All the niftiest language search engines will not help you find content that isn’t there.

Indic transliteration, however, is very cool.  Type Hindi words into an English keyboard, and have Hindi/Sanskrit letters form on the screen.  My mother needs this for Tamil as well.

What I typed: Abhishek se shaadi karne men Aishwarya kyaa soch rahi thi?
What showed up on the screen: अभिषेक से à¤¶à¤¾à¤¦à¥€ कर्ने में ऐश्वर्या क्या सोच रही थी?
(Translation: What was Aishwarya thinking when she married Abhishek?)

Typing in “karne” initially gives you करने.  Clicking on the transliterated word then offers a drop-down list of alternate spellings including कर्ने, करणे, and कर्णे, of which कर्ने is correct.  Aaah, artificial yintelligence.

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