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Day 732: Grab Bag

Who Killed Beethoven? – Dun dun dun duuuuuuun …

Examiners in the UK are asked to “make science easier” – Unintelligent design crosses the pond, thus making us not the only G7 nation with low expectations of our kids.  Or as England’s equivalent of the DoE(dumacation) responds,”Deliberately increasing the proportion of easier questions is a clear example of lowering the bar.”

Teachers, bypass NCLB and read your kids some Rilke!  In English or the original German?

All Your IP Are Belong To Teh Google – Google may own anything you work with in any of their services including Maps API, Google Earth, Documents, Calendar, GMail … and Blogger. 

Knowledge Is Priceless, But Textbooks Are Not – A mother sending her child off to college offers great advice on locating discount textbooks online.  Wait until girlie goes to grad school and sees the pricetags on Springer-Verlag and Elsevier journal subscriptions.  Yet another reason to support Project Gutenberg and fight the publishing industry’s daylight robbery.

Mysterious Fairyland Spider Web Found In Texas – Dang!  I was hoping it came from one Shelob-sized spider.  Why do “Texas” and “spider” remind me of the following bumper sticker?

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  • raz godelnik September 2, 2007, 9:35 AM

    comment to “Knowledge is Priceless, but Textbooks Are Not”:

    Great article and also very informative.

    There’s another option, which may be the cheapest of all for many textbooks – renting them. There’s a new online textbook rental service called TextBookFlix (http://www.textbookflix.com), which offers over two million used books and 800,000 new book titles. Students are welcome to check it out and compare the renting prices against buying new/used textbooks.

    They’re not only cost-saving service, but also an eco-friendly one. They work with Eco-Libris (http://www.ecolibris.net) to plant a tree for every textbook that is rented on their website.

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